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A list of frequently asked questions about The Open University / BBC partnership.


See the topics below to find frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.


Where can I find co-productions?

Most of our recent co-productions can be found on BBC iPlayer or BBC Sounds and we try to provide links to more information on our co-production programme pages on this website.

Not all of our co-productions are accessible, but are often available on or added to the BBC’s on-demand digital services for a limited time.

Please note that access to most audio-visual programming on the BBC’s digital services is subject to users being located in the UK and having an active TV licence.

Are all co-productions made with the BBC?

The Open University has worked with a range of broadcasters including Channel 4, Sky Arts.

In addition to this, we work with distribution partners to make some of our co-production content available in other territories.


How do co-productions relate to The Open University’s teaching and learning?

Our co-productions are commissioned in-line with subject priorities, and where we identify clear links between programme subject and areas of our curriculum.

For example, one of our co-productions, Forensics: The Real CSI is directly related to OU qualifications / modules such as Forensic Psychology, Biology and Chemistry.

What can I get from this website?

The Broadcast Partnership website exists as a place to see the breadth of our OU/BBC partnership and to explore the subject areas in more depth via additional, exclusive video content, articles or other resources to enhance your learning journey.

I’m interested in learning more with The Open University

To find out more about courses, we recommend you go to the main Open University website where there is information about all aspects of distance learning and available courses.

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Inside the bank of England still - gold reserves

Money, Business & Law

The world of corporations, the economy, and the law that keeps the world turning.

Hospital still, BBS series. Copyright: Label 1

Health, Wellbeing and Sports

Putting a finger on the pulse of our shared health, mental welfare and physical fitness. 

BBC School TV Series

Education, Development and Languages

Discover more about how we learn, grow and communicate together.

Satellite image of Earth

Nature & Environment

Pole to pole and everything in-between. Our natural world and how it's changing. 

Train in tunnel, The Fifteen Billion Pound railway BBC

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Space, robotics, amazing inventions and the formulas that control them.

Secrets of the museum Copyright © Simon Lloyd for Blast! Films

History & the Arts

Explore the people, culture, events and civilisations that have helped to shape the world around us. 

Forensics: The Real CSI, BBC - a CSIO assesses a car

Society, Psychology and Criminology

The inner-workings of our minds and behaviours in society.

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For over 50 years The Open University and the BBC have worked together; co-producing hundreds of hours of programming and bringing learning to life for millions. Find out more about our unique partnership.

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