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Alex Brooker presenting the NHS: A People's History, a BBC and OU partnership series

NHS: A People's History

Alex Brooker presents a crowdsourced social history of the NHS, told through people's treasured mementoes.

About the programme

Celebrating 70 years of the NHS, The NHS: A People’s History is a three-part series presented by Alex Brooker and tells the story of the NHS through the voices of the people whose lives it has affected, from its birth in 1948 to the present day. In each episode, patients and staff from all over the country dig out and share their treasured mementoes to tell deeply personal stories that chart the highs and lows of the National Health Service’s 70-year history.

Read more about it on the BBC's programme pages , or find out more about the NHS below.

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An NHS toilet covered in old NHS posters

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OU Graduate Stacey: Why I became a nurse

Meet Stacey - she was the first healthcare assistant supported through the OU nursing programme by her employer. She's now a graduate nurse and is sharing her reason for becoming a nurse with you...

Meet the author

Dr Claire Chatterton, Nation Manager (North) The Open University
Dr Claire ChattertonStaff Tutor (Nursing)VIEW FULL PROFILE
Dr Claire Chatterton, Nation Manager (North) The Open University
Dr Claire ChattertonStaff Tutor (Nursing)

Claire has worked for the Open University since 2003, initially as an associate lecturer and programme tutor (nursing) and more recently as a staff tutor based in the North West of England.

Her clinical background is in nursing and she has worked in a variety of practice settings as a general nurse and as a mental health nurse.

Her research interests lie in the history of nursing and mental health care. She currently chairs the Royal College of Nursing's History of Nursing Society. Her thesis looked at recruitment and retention in mental health nursing.

More on the NHS and healthcare...

BBC Hospital, Group shot


Hospital tells the riveting story of the NHS in unprecedented times. 

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Greg, The People vs the NHS: Who gets the drugs?

The People vs the NHS: Who Gets the Drugs?

This is the story of a legal fight which saw doctors, activists and AIDS charities battle for PrEP on the NHS. 

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The Big NHS Experiment

The Big Hospital Experiment

Royal Derby Hospital enlists 14 young volunteers to provide care in a new experiment.  

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David Harewood - Psychosis and me - Ambulance

David Harewood: Psychosis and Me

Thirty years ago, David had a psychotic breakdown. Now he traces his steps and meets people living with psychosis. 

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Actress Vicky Mclure sings with her dementia choir

Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure

Discover the extent of music’s ability to combat dementia, as Vicky forms a choir of people all living with dementia.

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Addicted Parents

...Last Chance to Keep My Children. The story of the only family rehab in the UK.

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