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Patrick Kielty on the Belvoir estate south Belfast. From BBC series 100 Years of Union - Copyright: Dragonfly TV

Patrick Kielty: One Hundred Years of Union

Patrick Kielty explores what the future holds for Northern Ireland in its centenary year.

About the programme

On the 100th anniversary of its creation, Patrick Kielty explores what the future holds for Northern Ireland.

He investigates why a new trade border in the Irish Sea has led to violent protests, sparking fear among some of a return to conflict, nearly 25 years after the end of the Troubles; a conflict which claimed thousands of lives, including that of his father Jack Kielty.

In this very personal film, Patrick’s focus will be on a new generation born after the ceasefire, as he tries to understand what is driving this new wave of unrest, particularly in loyalist communities. He also explores why some feel that a united Ireland could now be on the horizon and how the trauma of Northern Ireland’s past is shaping its future.

To find out more, visit the BBC programme page.

Patrick Kielty at Dundrum, County Down from 100 Years of Union. Copyright: Seamus McCracken - Dragonfly TV

Copyright: Seamus McCracken - Dragonfly TV

In conversation with Patrick Kielty

While making 'One Hundred Years of Union', Patrick Kielty asks questions about national identity, and what it means for modern-day UK.

Dr Philip O'Sullivan sat down with Patrick to discuss themes of Irish identity, attitudes towards Brexit, and the different faces of nationalism across the four nations.

Meet the OU expert

Dr Philip O'Sullivan
Dr Philip O’SullivanSenior Lecturer and Staff TutorVIEW FULL PROFILE
Dr Philip O'Sullivan
Dr Philip O’SullivanSenior Lecturer and Staff Tutor

Dr Philip O'Sullivan is a Senior Lecturer in Environment and Politics and a Staff Tutor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) based in the Belfast office of The Open University. His research background is in political theory (particularly anarchist political thought and its relationship to Marxism) and his current research interests include green political theory, environmental studies and Irish Politics.

He teaches in the Geography Department where he has written teaching materials (print and online) for the 2nd level interdisciplinary environmental studies module 'Environment: Sharing a Dynamic Planet' (DST206) and the level 3 environmental politics module 'Earth in Crisis: environmental policy in an international context’ (DU311).  He was a member of the production team in 2019 which wrote the updated module 'Environmental policy in an international context' (DD319) authoring a print chapter on 'The international political economy of the environment'.

Philip has also worked for 14 years as an Associate Lecturer with The Open University, he currently teaches on 'Environmental policy in an international context' (DD319)  and previously tutored the politics modules 'Power, Dissent, Equality' (DD203) and 'Living Political Ideas' (DD306). 

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