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Engineers work on pylon on OU/BBC series Power to the People

Power to the People

This three-part OU/BBC series looks at SSE, one of the Big Six energy companies, and how they are battling to keep electricity flowing to our homes.

About the programme

We take electricity for granted – never giving a second thought to how it’s made. Now, for this major new OU/BBC FOUR observational documentary series, one of Britain’s controversial Big Six energy companies, SSE, has let the cameras in. Filmed over a year, this is the surprising story of an army of workers battling to keep our power flowing.

If you'd like to see more about the series, go to the BBC programme page.

Photo by Jordan Cormack on Unsplash

Meet the experts

Professor Stephen Peake, Professor of Climate Change and Energy
Professor Stephen PeakeProfessor of Climate Change and EnergyVIEW FULL PROFILE
Professor Stephen Peake, Professor of Climate Change and Energy
Professor Stephen PeakeProfessor of Climate Change and Energy

Stephen is Professor of Climate Change and Energy at the Open University.

He is also Fellow of the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and Senior Associate of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Previously he has served as international civil servant at the International Energy Agency at the OECD in Paris and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), based in Bonn, Germany.  Originally trained as a physicist, Stephen gained a PhD in Engineering and Management from the University of Cambridge, From 1993-1995 he was Research Fellow in the Energy and Environmental Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London, during which time he was seconded for several months to Group Planning at Shell International.

Professor William Nuttall, Professor of Energy
Professor William NuttallProfessor of EnergyVIEW FULL PROFILE
Professor William Nuttall, Professor of Energy
Professor William NuttallProfessor of Energy

Bill Nuttall is Professor of Energy having joined the Open University in October 2012. Much of his work has focussed on technology and policy issues of energy. He has had a leading role in studies devoted to particular energy-related materials including plutonium, helium, uranium, thorium and hydrogen and much of that work is on-going. 

He has long-standing experience of matters relating to civil nuclear energy and more recent experience associated with hydrogen energy systems.

Professor Nuttall’s career started in experimental physics and this technical background informs his interest in energy and technology issues. Beyond energy he has written on matters of technology policy and, reflecting his physics background. Nuttall’s research techniques have included agent-based simulation, energy economics, energy system case studies and system dynamics especially as applied to problems in resource depletion. He also maintains a link to laboratory-based technical studies relating to energy policy issues. 

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